RENA - un\common Route

It is rare nowadays, in an increasingly cynical and competitive scene, for young and upcoming DJs to get much recognition or opportunity to showcase their talents. In an industry where affiliation and endorsement from more established artists is key and where tastes and attention spans grow more fickle by the day it seems increasingly difficult for budding artists to break new ground.
RENA has overcome these preconceptions and transcended a heavily male dominated arena by sticking to a strict work ethic and a healthy and imaginative approach to her music. A relative newcomer to DJing but with a lengthy and enthusiastic exposure to electronic techno music, she brings a fresh, innovative and contagious brew of energy to her performances!
Concentrating on gigging around her native Greece, she has steadily built herself a loyal fan base and developed her technical and programming skills. Having paid her dues and worked her way up from a consistent, dependable warm-up DJ she has effortlessly made the transition to peak time performer and crowd pleaser.
Adding another bow to her resume, 2011 has seen her make her first forays into the studio, working on a few original productions. While the term "electronic music" is an apt description of her musical directions, Rena's sets can encompass everything from the deepest house to the funkiest, raunchiest techno - always blended and mixed with precision and soul!

Resident Advisor