Speerit - Dirty Groove

Spiros Tselepis (aka Speerit) was born in 1984 in Athens. In 2002 he began his studies in the "Department of Building Restoration and Renovation" in the University of Patras.
All these years,music played the most important part in his life. The trigger to start writing his own music was given by a friend, who was a producer of drum 'n' bass. The thought of being able to express feelings through sounds was something exciting for him.
In 2008, after several years of experimentation and development in music, he made his debut in discography. Since then, he has released many tracks in various labels all around the world.
His orchestral, electronica and experimental productions, signed under his alias "Ramadu" & "Cutty Finger". Also along with Dousk and Kassey Voorn, they have the project "Mojawi".

Resident Advisor