Videotapes - Golden Age

They first met back in 2002, testing their knowledge on music for a forthcoming party. Several others followed until the Summer of 2008, where this partnership gave birth to FofoQUEIRAS.
In 2011, having already appeared in several Athenian bars, renamed the duo into VIDEOTAPES.
Since their inception, the musical references and influences had to do with the 70s and the 80s Disco era. Soon after that, the landscape interspersed with new productions of Nu Disco, Electro Funk and the alternative Electro scene, always supplied by its roots. Having played in most Club-bar of the Athenian stage and having served as residents in some of them, they started, parallel to that, the Concept party "The Workout" in cooperation with other local Djs, transforming every place respectively into a dance fitness area. After almost seven years, their music path acquired many stops : Six d.o.g.s, BiOS, Romantso, Senza, Fouar, Couleur Locale, Spinster, Mosaiko, Cantina Tropicana to name a few.
From 2014, their radio show "The Golden Age" is hosted by Cannibal Radio Greece. Their show presents weekly livedj sets by them and their guests.
Still an active dj team in Athens, they continue to redefine themselves and plan their next steps in music.